Advanced Usage

This is for advanced usage, make sure to master the Basic Usage guide first.


Sometimes, we need some customized configuration other than default configuration.

So for easier upgrade and customized configuration, we use a json file named vagrant_config_override.json to override the default configuration on vagrant_config.json file.

By using this, we can easily upgrade teracy-dev with ease, no conflicts introduced.

For example, to use more memory for the VM, looking into the vagrant_config.json file we could find:

"vb":{ //virtualbox settings from
  "description":"teracy-dev #{}"

Now create the vagrant_config_override.json file with the following content:


After that, $ vagrant reload, then this overridden configuration will update the VM with 3072 MB memory instead of default 2048 MB memory.

This applied the same for other configuration that you want to override. Under the hood, we merge the vagrant_config_override.json with vagrant_config.json to create the configuration settings. The configuration settings are then applied to the Vagrantfile file.


To upgrade teracy-dev, just pull the latest changes from the git repo and you’re set:

$ cd ~/teracy-dev
$ git fetch origin && git reset --hard origin/master

$ vagrant reload --provision is used for improvements and bug fixes change upgrading.

$ vagrant destroy && vagrant up is used for next major version change upgrading.