Best Practices

This guide will list all the important best practices when using teracy-dev.

New User On-boarding Flow

Consistent user experience for on-boarding is really important. When using teracy-dev to set up any projects, we should always stick to the following rules:

  • Each project must have a file.
  • The <project>/ file should refer to the <project>/dev-setup/ file which must refer to the <organization-dev>/dev-setup/ file to set up the organization level development environment.
  • Then users need to continue with the <project>/dev-setup/ file to set up the project level development environment.

That’s all the steps that users must follow to set up any new project development environment, we must automate as much as possible.

The rules above can be illustrated as follows:


Upgrading User Flow

When there are any upgrading steps required, the upgrading section must be introduced:

  • The <organization-dev>/dev-setup/ section for the organization level dev-setup upgrading.
  • The <project>/dev-setup/ section for the project level dev-setup upgrading.