Release Process

This is the general guide for releasing software packages at Teracy.


  • Follow workflow, a release branch should be branched off from origin branch that is ready to be released (for example: releases/0.1.0 branch is branched off from the develop branch).
  • Set the next iteration version for the develop branch. This will make sure there is no snapshot version conflict between the releases branch and the develop branch. Moreover, the develop branch will not be blocked.
  • Create an issue for DevOps team to create ci job if required.
  • Create an issue for Blog team to preparing release announcement post.


  • Follow specific release process doccuments on each project, this should be done on your forked repository, then make pull requests when the release is ready.
  • Remember that release branch should not introduce big changes.
  • After each staging releases, create an issue for release test campaign to make sure the release is stable enough and have a good quality.


  • Make sure that the tag step must be ready at least 3 days before the expected release date. Use UTC as standard reference time.
  • Tag the release: $ git tag -a v<version> with the v<version> Release message. For example, $ git tag -a v0.1.0 with the v0.1.0 Release message. This message pattern could be later used for auto deployment, so make sure the message has the correct pattern.
  • Merge the tag release into the master branch, then the origin branch. This is specified on the workflow.
  • Delete released branch and we are done.


Automation is one of our development philosophy, and we are working on it so that releasing should be automated and really easy to do.

See the releated issue: