Document Guide

At present we use reStructureText for project docs and Markdown for blog, spec docs. To write docs more easily and style consistently, document writers must follow some guidelines below.

It’s expected that everyone should understand this guide to produce good documents.

Style Guide


Need to have docs style guide here

reStructuredText Writing

For easier .rst writing, we use restview.

As restview is installed on the teracy-dev VM by default, we can use it immediately without any installation steps. Make sure you have the teracy-dev VM running ($ vagrant up) by following the Getting Started guide.

To use restview, just specify the watching directory and specify the listening port.

For example:

$ vagrant ssh
$ ws
$ cd personal
$ mkdir restview-test
$ cd restview-test
$ touch test.rst
$ restview . -l *:8000

And you should see the output like:

Listening on http://vagrant:8000/

Open http://localhost:8000, you should see test.rst file, click on it to see the result.


restview supports instant update without refreshing the brower, just update .rst files and we can see the result instantly.

Markdown Writing


find good live markdown libs, for example: